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CAN-Bus ECU Simulator with LPC1768 module

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This is a CAN-Bus ECU simulator using the mbed LPC1768 module. Useful for testing OBDII interface and writing diagnostic software. ECU PIDs parameters adjustable via menu options.

Hardware Features
  • mbed LPC1768 module
  • mbed pre-programmed with ECU simulator firmware
  • 250 or 500kb/s CAN speed
  • Open source firmware
  • 2x16 LED back lit LCD with contrast adjustment
  • Female OBDII socket with 12v supply to interface
  • 5-way menu navigation button
  • 12v external PSU (included - UK 3pin mains plug)
  • uSD card socket
  • Lasercut acrylic baseplate and cover
  • GPS input (connector not fitted)
Firmware Features
  • SAE standard J1979. PIDs partially implemented. Mode 01, 02, 03
  • Adjustable PID parameters via menu options:
    • Engine RPM
    • Throttle position
    • Vehicle speed
    • Coolant temperature
    • MAF airflow sensor
    • O2 sensor voltages
  • Setting and clearing Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) 
  • Open source firmware, other PIDs can be added
OBDII interface not included.