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GM862 Evaluation Board - USB

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The next generation evaluation board for the GM862. The GM862 Eval USB has a full 50-pin breakout, USB B connector, and a Python script enable switch. This allows connections to the audio, digital, and camera interfaces on the GM862 module. The GM862 Eval USB attaches to any USB port and appears as a standard com port. Power up the board, turn on the module, and you can start sending and receiving AT commands via HyperTerminal. No messy 3.8V regulation. No tricky 3.3V to RS232 level converter. It's all done for you!

Communication and power via USB. The USB chip can be disconnected to allow for external control of the TX and RX pins on the GM862 module (3V logic only!).

The board comes fully assembled with 50 pin Molex connector part # : 53748-0504, 3.8V power regulation circuitry, and supporting circuitry. The Molex connector is brought out to 5 dual row, .1" headers. 3.8V is regulated through a surface mount SPX29302 LDO regulator.
Note: Some USB ports cannot source enough current to power the GM862 module. If the power supply is inadequate, the module may shut down while attempting to connect to the cellular network. An external power supply will correct this problem if it is experienced.


Drivers FTDI USB Drivers

Dimensions 3x3.2"

Software TakePhoto example software (Visual Basic source)