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Pro Micro - 3.3V-8MHz with Headers and AnyIO Firmware

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This board is an Arduino Pro Micro at 3.3v/8MHz with pre-soldered headers and firmware of AnyIO pre-loaded.

AnyIO Firmware
A GPIO Package that works on any platform

The anyio package aims to mimic the basic functionality of the RPi.GPIO package that is used on the Raspberry Pi computer. 'Mimic' is used in the loosest sense of the word, because all it does is to implement about 5 methods of the same name as the RPi.GPIO package.

This package consists of two parts - a Python module that runs on a PC, Mac or Linux machine (well, anything that can run Python and pyserial), and some firmware that is programmed into an Arduino board. At the moment we only support an Arduino Pro Micro from SparkFun, but there's nothing really stopping it working on any Arduino. The two are linked together by a serial port controlled by the pyserial library. Calls to the anyio.GPIO methods on the host computer will cause reads or writes to the GPIO pins on the arduino platform.

In this way, it is possible to write a hardware control program on any platform, that can easily be ported between different platforms (including the Raspberry Pi).

The package contains a console based (text mode) simulator that can be used to test your programs on before you connect to real hardware, and this supports both inputs and outputs. This console package works, but is not completely documented yet.

The serial link between the two parts runs at 115200bps, and each command is only a few characters, so the system performs reasonably well unless you are repeatedly polling or changing lots of GPIO's at the same time.

Software written by David Whale @whaleygeek 

Breadboard, wires and other components not included. This item is only the Pro-Micro.