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OBDII connector pinout and OBDII to DB9 wiring

 The OBDII socket is a 16way connector usually found just below the car's dashboard near the steering wheel.

 OBDII connector pinout. OBDII to DB9 wiring.

 OBDII socket viewed from the front


Pin no Function
4 Chassis ground
5 Signal ground
6 CAN High
7 K-Line
14 CAN Low
15 L-Line
16 +12v


OBDII to DB9 Cable 

There seems to be two wiring configurations for the CAN-bus connection on the OBDII to DB9 cable.

OBDII to DB9 cable

Type 1.

As used in CAN-BUS analyser like Peak-Systems, Kvaser and Totalphase.


Type 2.