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Black Tack ( black tac ) 19mm x 1m, high strength adhesive putty

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Black Tack (or Black Tac) is like a industrial version of blue tack but a lot stickier.

Work it between your fingers for a few minutes before use. For full strength you have to knead it a lot more than you would for normal blue tack. You know it is ready when it becomes almost too sticky to get off your fingers.
It is specially formulated so it can be held in place for several hours without leaving any residues when it is removed. You should however, remove the black tack from your equipment within a couple of days.

If your equipment is expensive, make sure you have a backup strap in place as YOU are responsible if your items comes off! 

  • Like blue tack, but a lot stronger & stickier
  • Ideal for securing gels to your camera's flash head
  • Also useful for temporarily mounting camera equipment
  • 19mm wide and 1 metre length