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32 Channel San Jose Navigation GPS 5Hz Receiver with Antenna

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The FV-M8 (formerly the EB-85A) is a ridiculously powerful new GPS receiver from San Jose Navigation. This receiver is the first receiver we've seen with a 5Hz update rate, and has an amazing set of features and specs!

Please note at 5Hz the serial stream is large enough the default baud rate is 38400bps - but the unit is completely configurable! The unit configuration is stored in volatile memory and is reset when power cycled. Use a battery backup to maintain user settings.

We are also throughly impressed with the MiniGPS software that was provided by San Jose Navigation. This free software allows for an easy to use GUI to reconfigure the FV-M8 as well as datalog incoming NMEA sentences! Checkout the screen shot - we were able to track over 9 satellites indoors.


  • 5Hz max update rate
  • Default 38400bps
  • Selectable update rate from 1 to 5Hz
  • Selectable baud rate from 4800 to 115200bps
  • Support for DGPS, WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS
  • 32 parallel channel receiver architecture
  • -158dBm sensitivity
  • 3.3m accuracy
  • 2.6m accuracy with DGPS
  • 3.3 to 5V supply
  • 59/42/33mA power consumption
  • 2 NMEA serial ports
  • Battery backup pin



  • 30x30x8.5mm (1.2x1.2x0.3")
  • 15grams
  • 100mm cable included