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32GB Micro SD card with Raspbian OS for Raspberry Pi Model 3-B+

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For your connivence, you can buy this 32GB SD card with the operating system fully installed and ready to run.

Class 10 SDHC card compatible with Raspberry Pi

This means:
No need to run complicated terminal commands to create the SD card partitions and files
You can just plug in and start up the Raspberry Pi. That is it. No other setup is required.

Re-partitioned to use the full 32GB of storage

The standard download version of Raspbian Linux for Raspberry Pi is a 2GB disk image. For your connivence, we have repartition the drive so it can make use of the full 32GB of storage on the SD card. 

Highest quality and performance

Top brand SD cards means you can depend on it for quality and reliability. Branded cards are also a lot faster than the cheap unbranded cards so your Raspberry Pi will also run quicker.

Each card is configured in the UK by qualified software engineers. It's scanned and tested before dispatch.

The software is loaded with the latest version of Raspbian.