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L-Plate - pack of 8

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L Joining plates, in packs of 8.

OpenBeam's L joining plate is injection molded out of EMS Grivory GVX, a high-performance, high glass fiber reinforced polyamide copolymer that is engineered for metal replacement applications.  It has comparible tensile strength to die cast aluminum, at 1/2 the weight.

Injection molding allows us to form complex features without incurring a recurring cost.  For example, if you were to look at the cross section profile you'll notice that the cross section takes on a C-shape.  This makes the bracket a lot stiffer than a flat stamped sheet metal part, without adding material.  Also, compared to stamping out of sheet metal, injection molding creates less waste.  These factors help keep the cost of the brackets affordable.

The L bracket can be used in 3 ways - it can be used to join two pieces together in an "L configuration, or as a 45 degree brace, or it can be used to join 3 pieces together with 2x 45 degree cross brace.

Design file for this part is available here, under Creative Commons attribution share alike license.