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LCD SPI-I2C serial bus, 4x20 character, STN yl-gn yl-gn LED

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The LCD2S-204YHY is a Serial LCD Character Display Module with a high speed SPI/I2C serial bus. The LCD display is a 4x20 character STN yellow/green display with a yellow/green LED backlight, and is RoHS compliant. For convenience the I2C and SPI signals are available via a Micro Match type connector, and a standard 2.54mm, 2x5 row pin header. Most new Modtronix SBC boards have Micro Match connectors, and can be connected to the LCD2S-204YHY. The MICROMATCH-6MW Micro Match connector can be used to create a cable to connect the LCD2S-204YHY and SBC boards together. Or, our 150mm or 300mm Micro Match cables can be use. Current SBC boards that have compatible Micro Match connectors are the SBC28DC, SBC28PC-IR2, SBC28PC-IR4, SBC44B, SBC65EC and the HC64P-48R.

A 2-way DIP switch is used to configure the unit for SPI or I2C operation (3 different addresses). The SPI mode is very simple, and enables the user to control the display via a very simple software routine. For more complex configurations, and multiple displays, the I2C bus can be used. The contrast and backlight are software controlled, and can be set to 254 levels.

A keypad with up to 16 buttons (4 rows by 4 columns) can added to the LCD2S-204YHY. Our 12 button or 16 button keypads can be used, and can be connected to the LCD2S-204YHY via the CAB16RIB150 ribbon cable. When using the I2C serial bus, an interrupt line will be activated when a key is pressed, informing the user that there is key data to be read. Alternatively the LCD2S-204YHY can be polled to see if it has any pending keypad data.

The displays has 5 user configurable, general purpose inputs/outputs. Two of them can deliver up to 1000mA each, and have protection circuitry for driving relays.