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PiCAN-M with CAN-Bus Micro-C and RS422 Connector + 3A SMPS

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NMEA 2000

This is a PiCAN-M with RS422 and Micro-C connector. The RS422 is via a 5 way screw terminal. The CAN-Bus connection is via Micro-C connector.

This board includes a 3A SMPS. The 12v is from the Micro-C network can be use to power the PiCAN-M and the Raspberry Pi. 

  • CAN connection via Micro-C connector
  • 120Ω terminator ready
  • SocketCAN driver
  • appears as can0 to application
  • RS422 via 5-way screw terminal
  • appears as ttyS0 to application
  • LED indicator (GPIO22)
  • Qwiic (I2C) connector for extra sensors
  • Include 3A SMPS to power the board and the Pi from 12v line.
  • Compatible with OpenCPN, OpenPlotter, Signal K and CANBoat

  • Europe

    Raspberry Pi not included.
    Photo above shows GPS with RS422 connection and BME280 Atmospheric Sensor with Qwiic connection. (Other hardware shown not included).
    Photo above shows  GPS device in use with OpenCPN.
    Photo above shows PiCAN-M board connected to a CAN-Bus network. (Other hardware shown not included).
    Photo above shows temperature reading from a Yacht Devices Digital Thermometer  YDTC- 13N on Signal K instrument panel.


    Saillogger is a popular, maintenance-free and fully automated marine log book that was originally developed using a PiCAN-M board. Saillogger is used by hundreds of boaters around the world. PiCAN-M is fully compatible with Saillogger and used by many of existing Saillogger users. If you want to join these boaters, you can easily test the capabilities of Saillogger and PiCAN-M with a demo account, and trial the service for free.

    Note that we are a Saillogger Partner and have collaborated with their founders since the inception of the service in 2019. Should you choose to create a Saillogger account through the provided link, we may earn a commission through our partnership.