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Prototype Board for SBC66, 8 LEDs, 12 pin TB

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The PT66EI-24P is a prototype board for Netcruzer SBC66 Single Board Computers. The SBC66 board is plugged onto the PT66EI-24P board as a daughter board. All the SBC66 board's signals are made available on the PT66EI-24P, and prototyping space is provided. It can be mounted in the ENC2015S-NZ or ENC2015S-BK-NZ enclosure, and matching enclosure face plates are available for different SBC66 boards. If the SBC66 board is required to be screwed in place, the PCBSP-143 14.3mm spacer can be placed between both boards, and boards can be screwed/bolted together. The SCREW-222SC440 self cutting screw can be used when mounting in a ENC2015S-NZ enclosure.

  • Two 12-pin, 3.81mm terminal block connectors
  • Eight red LEDs
  • Reset and Firmware button. If Firmware button is held in during reset (power on), board will enter bootloader mode. In this mode, firmware can be upgraded via the Netcruzer USB Bootloader. For details, click here.
  • Two iMod ports for adding iMod Modules. For example, can add RS-232, RS-485, 1-Wire or other iMod modules.
  • Can be mounted in the ENC2015S-NZ enclosure
  • Optional Enclosure Faceplate Front
  • Optional Enclosure Faceplate Rear
SBC66EC board and enclosure not included.