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Prototype board with two 12 pin terminal block connectors

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The PT24E is a prototype board. It has been designed for a MicroX SBC Main Board to be plugged onto it, and to fit in a ENC2015S enclosure. This board will normally be used together with a MicroX SBC Main board, an enclosure and two enclosure panels (face plates). The picture on the right shows it mounted in an enclosure, with an enclosure front panel. All terminal block contacts are numbered on the enclosure panel. Additionally space has been provided to write something next to each contact.

It is fully assembled, and supplied with the terminal block connector and plug as shown in the photo above.

There is plenty of prototype space for the user. All pins (CPU port pins and power) of the two 2x24 pin daughter board connectors are available, and are clearly marked on the PCB. Two 12 pin terminal block connectors are available for the users application. There are also 6 LEDs on the board, connected to a shift register, and controlled by port pins C0, C1 and C2. All LEDs have 1k resistors in series with them. Additionally space has been provided to write something next to each LED.

This product consists of: 

  • PT24E Prototype board, fully assembled.
  • Two TB12FS381 12 pin terminal block plugs.

The following is NOT included, and can be added below as "Available Options": 

  • Enclosure Panel (face plate) for the ENC2015S enclosure. Can be selected in the Enclosure Panel (Face Place) option below.
  • Enclosure Rear Panel (face plate) for the Daughter Board. For supported Daughter Boards and their matching Enclosure Rear Panels, see the Daughter Boards section above. Can be selected in the Enclosure Rear Panel (Face Place) option below.
  • The ENC2015S enclosure is not included, and can be purchased separately.