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Quick2Wire I2C Port Expander Board Kit

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The Quick2Wire® I2C Port Expander kit connects to our Raspberry Pi Interface board and gives you 16 additional GPIO pins which you can configure as inputs or outputs.
The Board and its components are supplied in kit form. You will also need an Interface board and a Raspberry PiTM computer with an SD card, power supply, keyboard, display and cables.

The board is supported by our Python library, and you’ll find easy-to-follow tutorials at
The board is based on the popular, powerful MCP23017 chip. It connects to the Interface board and other Quick2Wire boards via a 6-way ribbon cable (provided in the kit).

  • Control 16 additional GPIOs
  • Write your own control software using our Python library
  • Select one of eight I2C addresses using an on-board DIP switch
  • Daisy-chain up to eight Port Expander boards together
  • Share the I2C bus with other boards
  • Monitor interrupts when data values match specified conditions
  • Jumper-select dual 3.3V or 5v supply so you can use the board with other popular microcontrollers