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Raspberry Pi Starter Kit-C (includes Model B rev 2 512MB RAM)

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This is comprehensive electronic kit for the Raspberry Pi. It includes some advance IC such as the MCP3002 ADC and MCP4802 DAC. For measurement a TMP36 temperature sensor and light dependent resistor is also included.

This kit includes a Raspberry Pi Model B rev 2 512MB RAM board.

You also need keyboard and cables to get started.

Kit Conetents
  • Raspberry Pi Model B rev 2 512MB RAM
  • Raspberry Pi Cover with breadboard area
  • Breadboard with 840 contacts
  • Jumper wires, M/M 65pcs
  • Jumper wires, M/F 150mm 10pcs
  • 4 x 5mm Red LED
  • 4 x 5mm Yellow LED
  • 4 x 5mm Green LED
  • 2 x Mini push button
  • 12 x resistor for LED
  • 2 x 10k resistor
  • Trimpot 10k with knob
  • MCP23008 8-bit I2C IO Expander
  • MCP3002 Dual Channel 10 Bit ADC Converter with SPI Interface
  • MCP4802 Dual Channel 8-bt DAC with SPI Interface 
  • TMP36 Temperature Sensor
  • Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)