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SBC for 28 pin PIC with RS232 - fully assembled

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The SBC28DC is an embedded Single Board Computer (SBC) for 28 pin PIC microcontrollers. It has been optimized for the following 28 pin DIP PIC chips:

PIC18F242, PIC18F252, PIC18F248, PIC18F258
PIC16F870, PIC16F873(A), PIC16F876(A)
 PIC16C63, PIC16C66, PIC16C73(A), PIC16F73, PIC16C76, PIC16F76

Fitted with PIC16F876A and a 20MHz crystal.

This is only because the above mentioned chips have internal USARTs, which are connected to the serial drivers on this board. It can however also be used with most other 28 pin DIP PIC chips, as long as their power, reset(MCLR) and oscillator pins are situated in the same place as the chips listed above. The only difference is that if a USART is required, it will have to be done with software on the PIC chip. Examples of other PIC chips that can be used are:

PIC16C62(A), PIC16C72
Many more PIC chips that match the above mentioned criteria!


Is part of our MicroX product range, meaning you can upgrade or expand it with any of the other MixroX products.

  • Daughter Board connector
  • Compact Daughter Board connector
  • Frontend connector
  • Conforms to standard MicroX Main Board dimensions (97mm wide and 54mm high).
  • 2.1mm power connector for standard DC transformer.
  • Wide operating voltage range from 7 to 30V.
  • Assembled with RS232 interface with +- 15kV ESD protection.
  • Has a standard MicroX ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming) connector - CPU can be programmed in circuit.