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STM32G431 Nucleo CANopen Demo/Training board

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This is a STM32G431 Nucleo board and a CAN-bus shield with two potentiometers, two push button switches and four LEDs. The STM32G431 board is pre-programmed with the CANopenNode stock. This set of boards are ideal for demonstration of CANopen and for training purposes. 

The CAN-bus shield uses a CAN FD transceiver, the board can use CAN FD with a firmware update.

STM32G431RB Nucleo board included.


  • STM32G431 Nucleo board pre-programmed with CANopenNode stack
  • CAN-bus shield features:
    • 2x potentiometers
    • 2x push bottons
    • 4x LEDs
    • I2C connector