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Teensy 4.0 Classic CAN and CAN FD Training Board

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This is a Teensy 4.0 board Classic CAN and CAN FD training board. On board are four potentiometers, LED, RGB LED and switches. This board can be use to simulate analogue inputs then output the reading on the CAN bus in either Classical CAN or CAN FD format. It can be powered by an external +12v DC with reverse voltage protection. External sensors can be connected via the QWIIC connector.

  • Teensy 4.0 (installed)
  • On board voltage regulator (Input voltage  range 7v to 12v)
  • Reverse supply voltage protection
  • 120R terminator
  • 4 x potentiometer
  • 4 x red LED
  • 1 x RGB LED
  • 4 x push button
  • Qwiic (I2C) connector for extra sensors