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Teensy 4.0 Classic CAN, CAN FD Board with 800x480 4.3" Touch LCD

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This is a Teensy 4.0 (installed) with a CAN2.0 or CAN FD port. This board includes a 800x480 4.3" capacitive touch screen with SSD1963 LCD controller. Connection to Teensy is via 16bit parallel port. The board can be power by USB via the Teensy or via external 7 to 24v with on board SMPS supply.

Graphic library by LVGL. UI editor by SquareLine Studio.
  • Teensy 4.0 (installed)
  • 800x480 4.3" capacitive touch screen
  • Classic CAN or CAN FD port on can1 or can3
  • Power by USB or external 7 to 24v with on board SMPS supply