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Teensy 4.0 Triple CAN Board with 240x240 IPS LCD and uSD holder

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This is a Teensy 4.0 board with triple CAN connections. Two CAN 2.0B and one CAN FD. It can be powered by an external +12v DC with reverse voltage protection. Included is also a 240x240 wide angle IPS TFT LCD display with microSD holder.

  • Teensy 4.0 (installed)
  • On board voltage regulator (Input voltage  range 7v to 12v)
  • Reverse supply voltage protection
  • 120R terminator
  • Two CAN 2.0B and one CAN FD connection
  • 1.54" 240x240 wide angle IPS TFT LCD display (installed)
  • micro SD holder